Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
By Nightwolf in B÷blingen Mar. 2012


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Very Nice Work!
i love it
Great combo
no blurring of plates! plates arent secret, they are absolutely public, can be seen by everyone... but great shot
Many owners told me to blur the plates, so I do it on every picture now. And I understand them... Besides I dont understand, why you guys always want to know the plates... Who cares?
Good reson to blur plates. Great pic
i dont understand that, sorry. if they are scared of people seeing their plates they should keep their cars in their garages without moving them in public. on the first street the enter the people will see the plate...
@cluhn its a simple reason. A license plate is an easy way to track someones name and address. Its one thing driving out in public its another thing plastering it on the internet for millions to see. So its understandable that some people don't want them shown. Either way I don't really care, if plates are visible or not.. it doesn't completely destroy the picture if its done well like here. None the less its a great picture!!
i dont know how the rules in USA are. in germany with a plate you saw you can also track something: the bundesland, a maybe personal code and some random numbers. not more! maybe you are an insider in that. can i tell you a plate and you can tell me the name of the owner and the place he lives? in germany you cant, so its unnessecary to blur them. its like you watch at someones ringbell at his flat. you know the name and for sure the adresse, but not more. you can be sure: if you drive a car for 3 months you can be sure that about 100.000 people saw you plate. its ridiculous, the plate is just an information when you get a speeding-foto or someome wants to blame you for something. for every normal "plate-seeer" its just cryptical numbers...not more. in every normal state you┤re not able to get any information about that...
well then I guess for Germany it may be meaningless labor to blur a plate on your picture but I still don't see what the big deal is.. I know in the US that the plate belongs to an individual and not to the car. (although it may vary from state to state) And thats how you can find a name and address through a plate. Its the same deal in Switzerland. The plate belongs to the individual and thus all of their information can be tracked through the license plate. You are right in saying that thousands of people will see your plate. But seeing a plate while you are out and about in town is different cuz its really unlikely that someone will see your plate memorize it and track you down. While if a picture is on the internet your plate is permanently visible to anyone. And if its from a country where your information is traceable through it, its fully understandable that someone doesn't want their plates to be shown. I mean how would you like it, if someone took your name and address and posted it all over the internet. In some countries a license plate can lead to that information. If thats not the case in Germany then whatever its fine.. but I still don't see why you need to make such a big deal out of this.. if you don't like it then don't do it on your own pics as simple as that.. no need to tell others how they should edit and present their pictures. We are here to enjoy pictures of cars not see license plates.
The best reason why you all should blur the plates is that it is jus illegal! You can get much trouble if you don't do that!
Your right good point JoschAMV8.
good point but wrong! In Germany it is allowed to take pictures of cars with plates if: a) the car is in public AND the drive is not to be identified - or b) if it is on private ground AND taken from public space (not climbing over a fence e.g.) AND the owner is not to be identified ("Panoramafreiheit" in Germany) -
and another statement about it:
Thanks I hope everybody will read and remember this answer..
A good way to not blur plates is by taking your photo at sertain angle. If you want to see the angle I am talking about go to profile look at my Porsche Turbo S MkII it is a back view of the car
"Im ▄brigen muss auch berŘcksichtigt werden, dass eine Zuordnung des Halters zum KFZ anhand des Kennzeichens nur der Polizei und den Stra▀enverkehrsbeh÷rden m÷glich ist." exactly what i meant. thank you for the Link, Felix. great find
If the owner ask my to blur the plates, then I do it... Whats wrong about that? Doesnt matter if its illegal or not, or if you can track somebody. As I said, many owners asked me to and thats the reason why I do it.
If somebody tell you to do this its OK But Joschamv8 said that its always illegal in general. But its not illegal as everybody can read now.
for me its also isnt ok, if a owner of a 2,20 meter wide orange-metallic superexotic looking like its from another star parks his beast in front of the meilenwerk. its like running naked into a university hoping noone will look. absurd! ...and the next step with blurred plates is that we have dealershots, unregistered cars. a streetspotter has nothing to hide, and i hope supercar-owners also doesnt...
I agree David
@cluhn: right and one main requirement for uploaded pictures is, that they were taken on public roads (as chance to be seen by everyone but not as easy as at dealerships) - and what is better as proof than a registered numberplate
@Felix H: I gues your right
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