Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale
By Nightwolf in B÷blingen May 2012


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Love it!
nice colour
i love the location !
I think it's one of your best pics! it
Best one yet (3
POTD ? Why ?
because it's a great shot in contrast to your shots!
are we talking about the same pic ? the zonda pic was a great shot and deserved POTD. but this ? mhh not really
very josch
Of course the Zonda pic is good, but it's one year old! So why picture of the day? He had should upload it one year ago!
And this picture is from the Meilenwerk in B÷blingen like 80% of all her other shots. I admit it's good but it's seriously annoying because it isn't a real "find" and the date when the pic was taken should not be an issue.
i would say its like 80% of all picture┤s here
Yeah Rupert... For sure all my shots are from the Meilenwerk and you never take shots in front of Ferrari or Aston dealers. Whats your problem? Just because I got a PotD? And Joel, it doesnt matter if some silly guys give a picture one star like you see. And the other like my shot, you always give every picture I ulpoad one star because you are jealous, thats the truth... This is so stupid, really
Nice picutre, mediocre editing, kinda worthy.
lol isnt in Meerbusch also a Meilenwerk? You have uploaded many pics of this place too, so why do you criticise her for doing the same? Quite childish...
very nice find
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