Mercedes SLS AMG
By george costanza in Berlin Jan. 2010


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Mercedes Benz gala Berlin
This car is so amazing. Hope to see one soon in D?sseldorf.
Seen one last week in Stuttgart, it was awesome!
Amazingest Mercedes !
Amazing car!
my favorite mercedes amazing
Great find! Love it
I hope so, too.
great find!
Sick find !
awesome car
@iMac and Jonas: I saw Yesterday one SLS in D?sseldorf, but I had no Cam I hope to it Today again!
@mauto: Where did you see it?
I saw the SLS near the Medienhafen!
Today again?
No, i was today there, but no SLS, mayby tomorrow!
i uploaded some sls pics today....i got a white one but the weather was so unbelievably bad.... so the pics came out like boring
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