Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
By BjoernSOAD in Berlin Mar. 2011


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in berlin ?!?
wow!! awesome find in Berlin!! Love this car!!
awesome find! POTD
I already know the first private one in Germany Great find!
POTD for me, even I havn't seen any other pics yet
Infront of the Lamborghini Store amazing Find ! & nice Shot !
this is soo sick!
Amazing Find AND THE CAR = )= )
Sick find!
where is this lamborghini store in berlin? its not salzufer...
POTM!!! Sick find!! Cant believe the very first Aventador(s) came to Berlin!!! I bet you couldn´t believe your eyes when you saw this beast!
sick find !
Fantastic find and great color for this car!
no words for it..
grat color/car!!!
Fantastic find! Congrats Bjoern!
insane car POTD!
Insane find!
awesome find!!! congrats
Does anybody know if it stays in Berlin? Great find!
Amazing picture and unbelievable find!! *-*
Unbelievable find, congratz
never! :O
@lozio: it stand on the kudamm 63 near adenauerplatz...there is a new lamborghini store
Congratz ! Awesome find
I just imagen this car with others colors like... turquoise
Here you can see what an Al-Thani Aventador could look like...
I want my good old murcielago back
imo it's a great improvement!
@ posteri007: it looks awesome :O
@posteri007: really nice...
for your comments. It's a Lamborghini fashion store at the Ku'damm near the Olivaer Platz. It's the first worldwide and the same like in Geneva. I was today there again but there is "only" a LP560 Spyder.
best for for 2011.
Aventador - bist zu 70% reduziert lol
That would be 96.000? for a new Aventador
very very nice car
We have more..
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