How you can help!

Google still has many data in it's search results.

1) Open Google image search:

2) Search for something and add "". For example "Pagani Zonda"
You can search for whatever you want. Submitter names, locations, titles. Whatever Google has in the results can help us to rebuild the data

3) When you see the search results, right click in your browser and click "show source code"

4) Whatever you see there, copy the whole text and paste it in the textfield below (like this)

5) Click 'Continue'.

Of course we tried to do that automatically. But Google does not like that and after a few times we get blocked by Google. So it's very helpfull if you help us :-)
Maybe with your own photos. Just search for "your submitter name". To get different search results just add more search words. "Ferrari F12 Monaco" or "Porsche GT2 RS Berlin Damors"

We still needs some time. Even if we find many data on Google, it is just URL + title + submitter + location. It will take some time to set the categories and put the pictures back on EOR.
Right now this is the only possible way to restore data.

Paste Googles source code here