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We try to find a way to restore the old photos. They are not lost, just not assigned to a submitter name.
Please do not upload photos that you already uploaded. Thank you.

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Rules for picture uploads
Minimum size is 1024 x 600 pixel!
Smaller pictures will be ignored. Even if it's purple Veyron with a nude babe on the hood :-) No wide screen format, eg. 1024 x 500 pixel!

Do not use super special effects on your pictures!
If you adjust brightness, contrast etc. it's OK. EOR is not a website to show your Photoshop skills, so keep it simple. No sepia, black/white, blur etc. If there is too much editing, we do not accept the picture.

The picture must be taken in public!
Keep in mind: if you can not put your own car next to it, then it's probably not public :-)

Do not take pictures on private property (garages, driveways etc.)
If you don't know it: it's not allowed!

Send your pictures only one time!

One time is enough. The chances won't get better if you send it 4 times :-) If we don't accept your pictures after the first time, we also won't accept them later.

Remember your shots!
Even if you see a certain car every day, there is no need to take and send pictures every day. One car, one location, one picture-set is enough.

Do not erase number plates!
If you don't want to show cars with number plate you can send pictures from the side of the car.

Do not frame your picture!
Don't draw a border around the picture. Even if it's only 1 pixel - don't do it!.

The picture must be taken by YOU personally!
Don't say "it's from my friend and he/she allowed me to use it".

Do not steal pictures from other websites!
Just.. don't!

Do not send more then 3 pictures of a car unless it's a Veyron, Enzo etc.
Even if it's a Gallardo, Vanquish or GT2, please send max. 2 pictures of it! If it's a high class super exotic you can send more. (And no, a silver 996 Turbo is not high class :-)

Regardless of the rules above: we reserve the right to accept and decline pictures in our sole discretion.